Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Morning.

Can I please tell you about my day. It’s been ridiculous already.

615am my alarm goes off to get up to work out. Yeah, snooze is immediately hit.

625am my alarm goes off. Snooze.

635am my alarm goes off. Snooze. I’ll work out after work.

645am my alarm goes off. Snooze.

655am my alarm goes off and I realize I need to wake up and work out because I’m going to dinner with Prerana and Lisa later so I won’t work out after work.

So I finally wake up to do my p90x workout (ok, I jumped back on the horse and have been successfully doing it since last Monday- go me). My back is KILLING me so I suffer through the first few exercises and then once it loosens up I feel a million times better and end up feeling great. I literally think to myself ‘today’s going to be a great day’.

Since I was switching hotels today I knew I’d need a taxi. I brought a huge suitcase with me this week to make sure I get everything from my project/parents that I’ll need for awhile back up to NYC- so I knew I wasn’t going to be dragging that thing to the office and then subsequently to the hotel. Sheraton never has cabs and honestly they’re like a pain to deal with to get cabs so I call classy cab. I call and I’m a little thrown off at first because Charles always answers the phone and whoever answered today was NOT Charles. This man denies my request for a taxi to pick me up at 830. First time ever I get denied by them. WTF? So I resort to calling the front desk. I tell them I’ll need a taxi at 830 to take me to the Westin.
Alright, so I jump in the shower, get ready and pack my stuff up. Go down to the lobby only to find out that they couldn’t get me a cab and I’d have to wait for the 9am shuttle. Awesome. Well, by then I knew I was going to be late to work – what’s an extra 20 minutes. Whatever.

Shuttle comes and I recognize the shuttle driver- I’ve had him before. I’m thinking ‘Great, chatter box is the driver. He’s not going to shut up the entire ride’.

4 ladies and myself climb into the van and set off. It’s 9am mind you and these ladies are SO loud and SO ramped up- so much for being worried about the shuttle driver.

‘We’re going to the casino! We’re going to the casino! HELLL YAAAAA LADIES!!!!’ they’re yelling. It was hilarious. I start talking to them trying to find out what’s going on in their world this lovely morning. Apparently they all just met each other the night before and decided they were going to go to the casino at 9am and then go shopping all day. They kept telling me I should not go to work and come with them. It was pretty hilarious.
So the shuttle drops them off and I knew that the employees of the Rivers Casino were in for some laughs. Hope those ladies win big!!! Next stop is the Westin to drop me off. I go up to the desk to check in and I believe I got a new employee. He kept apologizing for everything he was doing (even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong?) and it took like literally 10 minutes to check in. Finally I get my keys and make my way up to the 24th floor. Walk to my assigned room, put the key in and open the door….


… yes, I opened the door and there was a lady in the room. The room was a disaster too. TV blaring, sheets everywhere. It was kinda ridiculous (I feel bad for housekeeping). So trying to apologize and run away I slam the door and run to the elevator. Um – seriously? WTF? Back down to the desk I go… again receiving about 50898 apologies. Honestly, at this point I really didn’t care. I dropped my bags off at the bell hop and started walking down to work.

As I’m walking I’m replaying the morning’s events in my head all the way up to the point of dropping off my bags at the bell hop. 1 bag I dropped off… SHIT! I left the present I had bought for my dad for father’s day at the Sheraton. So then I start to panic. What if housekeeping threw it away already? Then I started getting annoyed at the fact that I was going to have to go back over there and get the bag. I called and it just so happens that housekeeping had JUST radioed the front desk about the bag.
Awesome. So I guess I need to go back over there sometime before I leave Friday.

So yeah… that was my morning. Kinda funny if you ask me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Different Way of Life…

Growing up we always had a backyard to play in, lots of room to grow, places to bike, and if we wanted to go somewhere we had to have our parents drive us there. Walking around NYC I’m amazed at the completely different way of life. I’ve always realized that everyone grows up differently, but the culture and life here is almost as foreign as Paris if you compare it to growing up in Pittsburgh, PA.

I’m currently sitting on my roof deck, which overlooks the New York Harbor and an insane, ridiculously long line to get on the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty. A chair over from me is a little girl, about 6 or 7, playing with her toys and speaking in a different language. If I had to guess I’d say German or Dutch. To be able to play outside this little girl’s mom had to bring her up here and let her play outside. Contrast that to my siblings and I just running out the backdoor into our awesome tree house.

Ridiculous Line for the Ferry
As I walk around the city I’m honestly amazed at how many little parks and squares there are. I absolutely love it. All the kids playing on the jungle gyms, riding their scooters down the sidewalks and nervous parents running after them. As I’ve taken notice to these activities I’ve also noticed that when parents take their children to the park it’s a whole family activity.  Walking up in Tribeca you see so many little families playing at the park. It’s not only a social activity for the children, but it’s a social activity for the parents. Do these types of family activities bring a family closer together? When you have the weekend off and you’re spending it together going to the park, watching your children ride their bikes on the sidewalk or just taking a stroll to a local restaurant I have to wonder if the relationship impact is different.

A typical weekend for me growing up was waking up late, my dad would be outside cutting the grass or doing yard work, we’d all kind of do our own thing and then eat dinner together. We have a great family dynamic and are extremely close. I wonder if our days would have been spent completely together if it would have ended differently? Maybe we wouldn’t be as close as we are today- or maybe we’d be closer?

I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my childhood. As I sit here watching this little girl change her baby doll into a different outfit it makes me think about my future and how I want to raise my kids? Is there a ‘perfect’ way to grow up. I’m sure the definition would mean different things to different people.  My first thought of growing up in a rural town is that I would have hated it- but would I? I wouldn’t have known any better.

There was a moment I had on the subway yesterday that I think I’ll remember for my whole life. I was sitting on the A coming back from the Rockaway beachs (yes, it was a long ride) and at one of the stops a mother and her son, about 7 or 8, walked on. They were smiling and seemed very happy. After another passenger left and a seat opened up she sat down and the little boy sat on her lap. She gave the boy a huge bear hug and I could hear her whisper 'I love you' to him. He got the biggest smile on his face and said back ‘I love you a billion times more Mom’. It was so cute because you could tell that the love they had for each other was unmatched to anyone in the universe in that moment.

Life is what you make it and as long as you’re living it to your standards of happiness then who can judge if one lifestyle is better than another?

At the airport on Friday I bought a new book to read. It’s called the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She says in the book that she wasn't depressed, but she had not reached her fullest happiness potential. I believe I’m the same way. I’m happy, but I think there are things that I can do to extend that happiness and make it even better. I’m excited to read this book and possibly start on my own ‘happiness project’.

More to come on that book ;)

Throwin' it back to Gloria... I just want to be happy :)

Peace, Love and Happiness!

F YOU Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

 Yeah… I tried doing the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps video and I got about 15 minutes into it and said screw this.

I’ve really tried to make myself push through these p90x workouts, but WHAT THE HELLLLLL. SERIOUSLY? PEOPLE CAN DO THAT? I don’t know… I know Ms. Lighty,  my elementary school gym teacher, always said I had marshmallows for muscles in my arms, but holy shit.

I just put on the Shoulders and Arms video and called it a day.

For those out there that can do this video.. HELP! I need some motivation to actually attempt to do that one again.

Usually this song can motivate me to push through a hard work out, but it wasn’t helping on this video:

Peace, Love and Ridiculous Workouts.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Idina's I'll Cover You

I've been looking for this video ... I love this version... I love this song... I love her...

Update: Biggest RENTHead Contest!!!

Read my original post here


I made a video the first time. Check it out here.

Now I need to write either a 250 character word essay or a series of 5 tweets about my love for Rent. I'm definitely doing the 5 tweets. I just keep writing tweets that I think would be good and on Sunday I'm going to pick my top 5 to submit. I'm trying to be really creative with them.

49 days until it opens on Broadway! Keep up with the count on the RENT Site and keep your fingers crossed that I get picked!!

Check out this 'you might be a renthead site'- haha LOVE IT. God, the sad thing is in high school we used to do so many of these!

Aweee I totally remember this performance from the 2008 Tony's!

Peace, Love and La Vie Boheme!


Celebrity Apprentice.
Biggest Loser.
Dancing with the Stars.
American Idol.

What's going on this week! All the shows are ending! At least The Voice is just starting :)

Well, I didn't watch Biggest Loser or the Apprentice. And thank you to my lovely roommate for taping Oprah's show today for me (I'll watch it this weekend). But I did watch DWTS and Idol.

As a side note, I totally want Trump to bring back the original Apprentice. I want to be on it. I think that'd be a kick ass show to be on and I know I'd do an awesome job on it. Anywaysssss....

Obviously Hines won because, as my boyfriend put it, Steelers are winners. DUH! It actually was hilarious because my mom got out her big Steeler flag and was running around the house. And yes, I made a trip home just to watch it with them. It was awesome to see how pumped all of Pittsburgh was at the win. Yay! Go Hinessssssssss!!

Idol has been interesting for me this year. If you recall last year (in this post) we had a big Idol party and were totally into it. Now I will say my family is still very in to it, but this year I really did start to lose interest. What I'm about to say may shock most of my friends- but I honestly don't care who wins. I wasn't really invested in this season and I think Pia should have won the whole thing.... soooooo yeah. I really did like Steven and JLo and I love how they had Jimmy work with the contestants every week. Will I audition this year? Hells yes... if my schedule allows. haha Of course auditions are now coming to Pittsburgh and I won't be here haha! OF COURSE!

Loving this track right now. Love love loveeeeeeee Swedish House Mafia. Seriously- if you haven't listen to their stuff check them out. They're album Until One is awesome. Def one I keep on repeat.

Peace, Love and Reality TV Love.


So when I walked in to work this morning I didn't realize it would be such a news filled day.
I knew it was Oprah's last show.
I knew the Hang Over 2 was opening tomorrow so people may start writing reviews.
I did not know that Kim Kardashian GOT ENGAGED?!

Over the last 6 months at work a lot of my good friends left my project and I for sure miss them everyday, but today I really missed Lisa. We used to sit and talk about the Kardashian's all the time and now that Kim was engaged she wasn't here to gossip!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged

Of course she'd break the news to People. Of course she'd have the most ridiculous ring known to man kind. Of course she'd be engaged to a basketball player... I'm just wondering how long it is until they announce she's pregnant. I for see a baby being born in about 8 months. Just a thought.

Well Kim. Good luck. Now you've caught up to your sister's and you can live your fairy tale life. How long do you think it is until she's on to the next one? JK. LOVE YOU KIM!

And as a tribute to KK let's throw it back to fall 2010 and her 'leaked' song Shake.

Peace, Love, and KK keeping up with her sisters.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I have a very addictive personality. I hate waiting for things, and if I want something I find a way to get it ASAP. I'm always obsessed with new things and begin every other sentence with- ohhh that's my favorite or one of my favorite things is...

Back in high school and college I always had a top 5 favorite things list. I decided to revisit my top 5 favorite things the other day and came up with a new list.

My top 5 favorite things back then were:
1. Sunglasses and Earrings
2. Music- singing, listening to it, performing, everything about it!
3. Cheesecake
4. Peirogies, Pulled Pork and Zucchini Parm
5. Boys

So as it stands today, 25 years young, these are my top 5 favorite things at the moment...
1. Accessories - rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves, shoes etc. I LOVE THEM (ESPECIALLY anything with animal print...)
2. Music- everything and anything to do with it
3. Traveling- airplanes, airports, everywhere (I kinda have the travel bug BAD right now)
4. Reality TV/Social Media - although they don't really go together, I combined them because I wanted them both to make my top 5 haha! kinda obsessed. in terms of social media- over sharing should be in my personal statement.
5. BBQ Sauce and Milk - I could drink a gallon of both in like 5.2 seconds

Don't discount the fact that cheesecake is still the way to my heart and my 3 favorite foods are still peirogies, pulled pork and zucchini parm...but they didn't make the top 5 this time. I'm obsessed with everything that's the color purple, the Voice, dieting and trying to be healthy, the internet, Disney, safari animals and the beach - they didn't make the list either.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs of the moment. Although a year old, I still love it!!

Peace, Love and 'I LOVE THAT TOO!!'

Monday, May 23, 2011


Check out my car posting:

Peace, Love, and Seriously Buy My Car.
K, Thanks :)